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Welcome to Glass Gallery!!

We Came to Steal Your Hearth and Charm Your Eyes!

Entering our , is to have the rare chance to find artist's fine glass works, that are not only a pleasure to own, but also to give you the ability to make unusual and unique gifts. is here to try and share, it's a cruise among fabulous hand crafted Art Shapes, a virtual place where you will find all that you ever dreamed in terms of exquisite quality glass products!


Copper Stained  Glassware

Copper Stained Glassware

True Works of Art!

Glass Copper Stained Glassware, Unique Gifts and Collectibles!

We understood every treasure to be finely hand­crafted.

Though carefully packaged, we willed your purchases to survive the journey to your
home...because... certain we could never find or replace such exquisite quality beautifully handmade Copper Stained Glassware once losted.

Except, of at

Galle Type glassware

Galle Type glassware

Ice Wine Bottle

Ice Wine Bottle

All our recipients are exclusively handmade, with totally Genuine Conception and Design

Ice wine is produced by pressing frozen grapes, that have been harvested when the temperature drops below -10°C for more than 24 hours. The harvest usually occurs at night and the temperatures are usually much, much colder than the -10°C required. This liquid must have a residual sugar of 125g/litre to qualify as ice wine!
Ice wines are great young, but they still improve progressively with age. Proper serving temperature is around 12°C.

In Europe Our Bottles are fitting particularly well with Fruits Distillates like the Plumes and Apples!

Wine case

Wine case

For all of you those who appreciate fine wines and even finer wine accessories, consider browsing our excellent selection of wine cases. A Top Class Wine Case containing a Bottle of Noble Wine, make the perfect wedding present or the right business-partners gift, more than that, when the box is having inside a large selection of wine accessories, it is not clear if you’ll  even give up on such a Gift Case!

A Wine Bottle Ring, A Drop’ Stopper, A Bottle Thermometer or A Dresher, All Accessories, can make you go back to childhood dazzling moments then forward to high spheres of Wine Testers! but the real celebration begins when you buy one for yourself!

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